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Anatoly Kudryavitsky was born in Moscow in 1954 of a Polish father and half-Irish mother. Having lived in Russia and Germany, he now lives in South Co. Dublin.

A former Samizdat author, he was blacklisted in 1979, and first saw his work published in 1989. Since then, his poems and short stories have appeared in the best Russian literary magazines, e.g. ''Novy Mir'', ''Druzhba Narodov'', ''Novaya Yunost'', ''Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie'', ''Strelets'', ''Grani'', "Deti Ra", "Zinziver", etc.

He was the founder and first President of the Russian Poetry Society. From 1999 till 2004 he was on the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Poetry Associations, UNESCO. Poet, fiction writer and literary translator, he is a member of the Russian Writers' Union and the Irish PEN. He is also Chairman of the Irish Haiku Society ( and Editor of Shamrock Haiku Journal  (, an international online haiku magazine.

In 2010, he served as a judge for the Dublin IMPAC Literary Award.. His work has been translated into twelve European languages, and he gave readings and workshops at various international literary festivals.

Education: Moscow Medical University (Graduate 1978.)
Ph.D. in Immunology (Moscow Medical Academy, 1987.)


Lahti Writers Reunion Festival (Finland)

Zagreb Literary Festival (Croatia)

International PEN Writers’ Festival (Croatia)

Vilenica Festival (Slovenia)

Struga Poetry Evenings (Macedonia)

Capoliveri Haiku Week (Italy)

International Biennial of Poetry (Liege, Belgium)

Ghent World Haiku Festival (Belgium)

Pushkin - Goethe Literary Festival (Berlin, GermanyMoscow, Russia)

“Americans and Russians” International Poetry Festival (Russia)

All-the-Union Free Verse Festival (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Bloodaxe Books British/Russian Poetry Festival (Russia)

Bashkirian Literary Tour (Russia)

Belfast Festival at Queen's (Northern Ireland)

Dublin Writers' Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

Writers’ Week (Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland),

Scriobh Poetry Festival (Sligo, Ireland)

Ennis Book-Club Festival (Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland)

Gerard Manley Hopkins Summer School (Co. Kildare, Ireland)

Flying Colours Poetry Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

White House Poetry Series (Limerick, Ireland)

Ó Bhéal Poetry Series (Cork, Ireland)

Palais Yalta Writers Series (Frankfurt, Germany)


RTE Radio 1, Lyric FM, Radio Anna Livia, Radio 1 Russia, Dream Radio Moscow


RTE 1, TV 1 Russia, TV 6 Russia, Educational Channel TV Russia


The Echo / L'Echo (1990 - 1993)
The Archer(Strelets) (1994 - 1998)
Foreign Literature (Inostrannaya Literatura) (1997 - 1998)
Shamrock Haiku Journal (2007 - )
Okno / Window Russian-language Poetry Magazine (2007 - )
Emerald Bolts Magazine for Flash Fiction (2012 - )


Nomination for the Octavio Paz International Poetry Award (Mexico, 1999)
The Independent/Ex Libris Award for the best literary translation of the year (Russia, 2001)
Maria Edgeworth Poetry Prize (Ireland, 2003)
Shortlisted for the Robert Graves Poetry Award (UK - Ireland, 2005)
''Deti Ra'' magazine Poet of the Year (Russia, 2006)
Capoliveri International Haiku Award (Italy, 2007)
Suruga Baika Prize of Literary Excellence (Japan, 2008)
"Haiku Magazine" Haiku Award (Romania/Japan, 2009)
''Zinziver'' magazine Short Story Writer of the Year (Russia, 2010)
David Burliuk Award for Life-Long Commitment to Experimental Literature (Russia, 2010)
Vladimir Devide Haiku Award (Japan, 2012)


''A samizdat poet who had to put up with a good deal of abuse during the Communist period and who has only been able to publish openly in recent years. In his ''poetics of silence'' the words count as much for the silence they make possible as for what they say themselves''

LEONARD SCHWARTZ, Poetry Project Newsletter

''A poet who gives voice to Russian silence''


''His work as poet, haikuist, translator and anthologist has greatly enriched Irish poetry.''


akudryavitsky [at]

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